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To be more feminine, learn to properly apply makeup — accentuating your eyes and lips. Also, grow your hair longer or just get extensions. Who knew the Jersey Shore folks had the secret to attraction with G. Although they can't seem to manage relationships see here , they do have a point about taking care of yourself. You don't need a washboard abs "situation", or double D implants though Groom well, buy some clothes that fit, stand up straight, smile, and be healthy. That's all it takes to be attractive, sexy, and get a date or mate. You can take the plastic surgeon off your speed dial now, stop obsessing Go to www.

Make sure you get the next article too! I keep my friends informed : Finally, remember to share, like, tweet, and comment below. Jeremy Nicholson The Attraction Doctor. Previous Articles from The Attraction Doctor. Long hair on women rarely ups attractiveness unless it's perfect.

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According to research, men find long hair more attractive than short. The problem comes in with "grooming". If a woman has long hair, but doesn't take care of it, then it becomes a turn-off. Long, dirty, knots are not appealing to anyone, but long well-groomed hair is always most appealing. So yes, you are better off being well groomed with short hair, than poorly groomed with long hair. Grooming counts more see the article. But, you are not maximally attractive with short hair. Rather, short hair simply masks poor attention to grooming. Well groomed, long hair always increases attractiveness.

It just depends on whether you want to put in the extra time and effort to be more attractive. Mesko, N. Hairstyle as an adaptive means of displaying phenotypic quality. Human Nature, 15, Abstract: Although facial features that are considered beautiful have been investigated across cultures using the framework of sexual selection theory, the effects of head hair on esthetic evaluations have rarely been examined from an evolutionary perspective.

In the present study the effects of six hairstyles short, medium-length, long, disheveled, knot [hair bun], unkempt on female facial attractiveness were examined in four dimensions femininity, youth, health, sexiness relative to faces without visible head hair "basic face". Three evolutionary hypotheses were tested covering hypothesis, healthy mate theory, and good genes model ; only the good genes model was supported by our data. According to this theory, individuals who can afford the high costs of long hair are those who have good phenotypic and genetic quality.

In accordance with this hypothesis, we found that only long and medium-length hair had a significant positive effect on ratings of women's attractiveness; the other hairstyles did not influence the evaluation of their physical beauty. Furthermore, these two hairstyles caused a much larger change in the dimension of health than in the rest of the dimensions. Finally, male raters considered the longer-haired female subjects' health status better, especially if the subjects were less attractive women. The possible relationships between facial attractiveness and hair are discussed, and alternative explanations are presented.

Jeremy: Thanks for this very uplifting, straightforward and enlightening post. We are not being judged as harshly or held to as high standards as we often believe. Many men would do better with the ladies if they just groomed and dressed nicely: no stupid sideways baseball caps, droopy pants and ugly adolescent T shirts proclaiming the band they like. I can't tell you how many post-college men don't take that advice, yet keep lamenting about how there are no women out there I agree If men just attended to the basics, they would have more dating success.

Unfortunately, they often falsely believe they need to be 7 feet tall, with rippling muscles, a huge jaw, and a big "package" to get women attracted. In fact, they just need to take a shower, buy some clothes that fit, and trim their nose hair :. The worst insecurity I've encountered in other men? Not appearance.

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I think many young men would like to dress well. But they assume doing so would require shopping some high-end retail place or hiring their own private consultant.

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The subtitle even mentions something about permanent fashion. Thanks for the reference Steve-O! You are correct. Dressing well doesn't have to cost a fortune. Following some basic rules, like Flusser's, can be done on the cheap I've had bad skin my whole life, and though it's under control now, I have acne scars that will never truly go away. I'm The thing I noticed is that I like minor acne scarring in men. I think it's sexy! And I've had guys who've said the same about my skin. I also have big 'ol teeth clean, brushed, and cared for, of course , and have had men find that sexy, as well.

It's taken me this long to realize that we don't need to look perfect as long as we look like we give a darn, we pay attention to playing up our positive features, and cultivate a positive, outgoing personality. Also, many people will find these 'quirky' things about our appearance adorable and sexy.

Doing this will immediately make you more attractive to a potential lover

Trying too hard to hide features that aren't generally seen as attractive can get ridiculous and make you less attractive. If I wore tons of pancake makeup to hide my skin flaws, it would look horrible. So I keep my skin clean and healthy and wear some makeup, but I don't go overboard trying to pretend I never had acne. And I appreciate this in men, too. Don't do the comb-over, it looks idiotic! Just trim your hair. And men who wear nice clean, fashionable, not necessarily expensive clothes are hugely attractive.

And smile! It sounds like you take good care of the basics and then enjoy the uniqueness of who you are. That is the other side of the coin. Once you are clean, neat, and healthy, those "unchangeable" features can even be individual, sexy, or celebrated. Good stuff M, I love the points you make in your comment - an excellent, real-life contribution. You may relate to this Many years ago I dated a Spanish lady who was rather nice call that English under-statement and I mentioned my acne-scared skin, the bane of my life. She looked at me with that Latin kind of disdain and said something like: "Oh, so you want to be a pretty-boy with girly skin do you?

You look like a man and that's what I'm interested in. I hope your comment has the same kind of effect on others who pass by this way. I'm certainly smiling! Keep in mind that we are talking about the majority of the population out there. There will always be people who are into 3 boobs or clubbed thumb and find them extremely attractive but majority of the people don't.

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Research like that above appears to indicate that long hair is a signal of health and good reproductive value for all women. In evolutionary psychology terms Being beautiful in other ways also gives off those same signs too. But, they are all additive So, a woman who is already "beautiful" may be able to "get away with" the short hair, because she is signaling her health and value in other ways. BUT, it still will not be as attractive as if she had long, well-kept hair too.

The Attractive Man

Growing it out will still add something to her level of attractiveness then. It's not that I didn't read your citations. But when I had long hair, I felt my face looked longer. I didn't look very fresh. Maybe I didn't style it as well as I could have- maybe that's why. But I feel much better about my looks since I cut it off, and the style accentuates my facial features much better. I think I look much cuter and more stylish. Since I'm short I think it complements me for that reason too. I get compliments on my hair from men and women.

The only caveats I should mention is that my hair is red very unique and I'm generally pretty attractive anyway I'll take it while it lasts. So maybe I am one of those people who doesn't "need" long hair to be attractive, but like I said, I honestly think I look much better without it.

And straight men have said the same. Basically, I'm skeptical that "long hair is better" is universally true. There's a reason why short hair is popular with women and stylists, and it's not just ease of styling. And really, styling short hair can be just as hard or harder than styling long hair.

Not everything we do is to attract a partner - sometimes it is "just for us". Of course, it is important to look and feel good to ourselves as well.

http://mnsh.ddns.info/wejaz-daytona-650-manual.php However, this may lead to a mistake in thinking that a partner will find most attractive what we find most attractive on ourselves. Often though, the opposite sex has very different tastes. In any case, short hair can certainly make some women FEEL energetic, flirty, cuter, stylish, etc. Those feelings might even translate into a more confident, positive, and attractive personality at times.