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Again, shop around ahead of time. Look at photographers that vibe with your style and your vision, but be realistic about your budget and what you can afford. If you know any photographers you like maybe someone who did your friend's wedding photography ask them if they'll give you a referral discount. Alternatively, you could search through the local arts colleges to see if there are any photography students.

Recruit friends and family members to help with fine-tuning the little details and shoulder some of the to-do lists. Be sure to thank them, too. The wedding venue will likely be the single biggest expense of your wedding. This is because there are a myriad hidden costs associated with renting out a venue, specifically liability and event insurance.

If your wedding venue is located in a place that's liable to flood or in a locale that's in proximity to wildfires, you may have to opt for insurance in order to recoup some of your losses should the venue close down. It also includes cancellation coverage. Some venues may also require you to purchase your own insurance in case any of their property is damaged at the event.

Venues can even hold you responsible for issues that arise after your guests have left, so watch out for these sneaky clauses in venue contracts. While paying some event insurance may be unavoidable, look for the most affordable insurance packages. Get a lawyer friend to review the contract for you if you have one , and refuse to sign anything before you smooth it over with the venue.

If your ceremony and reception take place at two different venues, then you'll need viable transportation. Watch out — there are plenty of hidden costs associated with renting a fancy set of wheels for the day. For example, if the limousine driver has to wait around while you take portraits, you could be charged an additional fee for the time. Consider a party bus instead — a refurbished school bus that you can use to transport your wedding party from A to B. Bachelorette parties are now a huge part of the wedding process — luxe vacations to places like Las Vegas or New York City are now the norm.

While traditionally the bridesmaids pick up the tab, many brides now opt to pay their share of the hotel and plane tickets to help shoulder some of the costs. While the dress and the rings are usually the first things that couples pick out, many people also forget to save room in their budget for additional fashion pieces. Veil, earrings, shoes, shapewear, garters, pocket squares, cuff links and boutonnieres all add up.

My Wedding Budget! - Paying CASH For A $30k Wedding

You can borrow things like your jewelry or shoes for the event. For the other items, you can shop around Etsy and BHLDN pronounced like "beholden" for either secondhand or affordable bridal accessories. If you're saving for a wedding, figure out how much you'll have to save with the calculator below:. We adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence.

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What is a destination wedding – and is it right for you?

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We give tips on how to save money, how to find the best bank accounts, how to choose a credit card, how to get the best mortgage rates and how to navigate many other money matters. By Sarah Cunnane Just like skipping one coffee a day so you can buy that fancy cocktail after work on Friday. Not frugality, just deliberate spending. And maybe wanting a big wedding is your spur to getting that dream job or starting a side business!

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If only i would have started reading your articles couple of years back. But i was lucky to have support from my family. My parents came from India and i had about 20 friends who flew in from various parts of US. I maxed out all my cards…. Poor planning leads to poor performance, so please plan. Guess who the less stressed out and annoying guests were?

The Ultimate Wedding Budget Checklist

These people are often amazing seamstresses, very accurate, and very cheap. Thoughts in the comments. That means we have to rent a place big enough to handle our family, our friends, and their kids minimum 60 people. We have to hire a caterer or alternatively buy out a restaurant for the night. And we hate contributing to this industry — the process of planning this thing is basically designed to suck the joy out of the day.

I am currently engaged, 5 weeks, and my fiance and I quickly came to the conclusion that the list of people we had invited was going to cost quite a bit. Our solution was to have a destination wedding on the same Mexican island where we got engaged.

15 Unexpected Wedding Costs (and How to Avoid Paying Them)

We are able to save a lot of money, can invite everyone on our list, and are looking forward to a really fun time. As we were trying to figure out what to do, my fiancees mother gave her a great bit of advice. With a destination wedding, not everyone will be able to attend. My buddy said it best when he told me that people can back out of not going and no one is hurt because they got invited.

The people who really love you will do what it takes to get there. Also, you have to remember that most people will have to travel to a wedding anyway, unless everyone you know still lives in the same town. For my fiancee and me, once we agreed to have a destination wedding, everything fell into place. It takes a lot of stress off because you have a wedding coordinator and you relax because you make some basic choices, but ultimately, you just have to show up. The money you will save is great. Also, we were in our 40s, so the societal pressure is less. Loved the article and the rss plugs huge fan.

17 tips for planning a wedding on a budget | HELLO!

Never thought at 21 I would need to start saving for a wedding, but the logic is undeniable. Thanks for the referral, I need to starting saving that Break the cycle. Go to the justice of the peace. Get married. Sign the registry. Enjoy a pleasant vacation away from jobs and worries. Merge two already overstuffed households. As I have begun the process of planning my wedding, the first step was establishing a proposed budget and working from there.