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There must be some truth in the Pythagorean doctrine, and I am labouring under a Metempsychosis. The idea of metempsychosis was very much in vogue at this epoch. They go so far as to say that the sacred authors were informed of the Metempsychosis , as the author of the Book of Wisdom, chap.

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Words related to metempsychosis recovery , revival , renewal , renaissance , restoration , rejuvenation , comeback , rehabilitation , regeneration , resurrection , reincarnation , awakening , renascence , revivification , transmigration , reawakening. I always thought it a fun poem to work through. It is so unlike the majority of Donne's work. Perhaps there will be other teachers out there who, being misguided like myself, would want to show their students that the "Top Ten" as they are presented in the textbooks are really pretty bland compared to some of Donne's more obscure pieces.

Naturally at a new Author, I doubt, and sticke, and doe not say quickly, good.

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I censure much and taxe; And this liberty costs mee more than others, by how much my owne things are worse than others. Yet I would not be so rebellious against my selfe, as not to doe it, since I love it; nor so unjust to others, to do it sine talione. As long as I give them as good hold upon mee, they must pardon mee my bitings.

None writes so ill, that he gives not some thing exemplary, to follow, or flie. And though it could not speaker, when it was a spider, yet it can remember, and now tell me, who used it for poison to attaine dignitie. I argue that the Pythagoreans did not conceive of reincarnation as a punishment for the wicked and a reward for the virtuous, but rather as a way to gain experience, knowledge and therefore wisdom.

Keywords: Pythagoras ; Pythagoreanism ; transmigration ; retribution ; knowledge ; memory.

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