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The Olympic memorabilia contained in this book provides interesting facts and unique insight about the development of the modern Olympics through the years. The DVD that's included in this book contains some interesting footages, i particularly enjoyed watching the Olympics. Jun 25, Allison rated it liked it Shelves: adult , non-fiction , history. Good book but not great. It covers the highlights of most of the Summer Olympics including images of artifacts and reproductions of various documents.

The History of The Olympics

Interesting but tries to do too much. Allison Cusher rated it liked it Dec 29, Diamond rated it really liked it Jan 16, Courtney Stofko rated it it was amazing Aug 11, Toryn Green added it Oct 21, V marked it as to-read Sep 20, Sarah marked it as to-read Feb 08, Federico added it Jan 22, Joey Chen marked it as to-read Feb 05, Mark marked it as to-read Nov 21, Karim Masri marked it as to-read Apr 05, Master Melvin M. Lusterio marked it as to-read Jul 01, Sophie Crane marked it as to-read Jan 15, Navjeet Moudgil marked it as to-read Feb 17, Erin marked it as to-read Mar 06, Connor marked it as to-read Dec 09, Khaleel marked it as to-read Jan 23, Scott added it Aug 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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About Olympic Museum. Olympic Museum. Books by Olympic Museum. Trivia About The Treasures of No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Something here for everyone - not forgetting the corny jokes which will have everyone groaning! What makes an Olympic champion?

The Treasures of the Olympic Games: An Interactive History of the Olympic Games

From past champions Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis to Michael Phelps and Tom Daley, this book looks at potential champions and how they achieve their goals. Nine sporting stars are featured, covering a range of disciplines including rowing, cycling and tennis. The Olympics is a seres of books from Wayland written especially for the Olympics and the series is a great way to engage children in what is happening. One of the aims of the Olympics is to engage young people more with sport, and these books will help with that. This book looks at the Paralympics, from the athletes and the sports to the stadiums and the spectators.

Olympic Games Trivia Night

In recent years, the Paralympics have developed a higher profile and it's good to see a whole book for children dedicated to them. Find out about the development of the Paralympics, the sports, the people who take part and what it takes to be able to partake in the events. Packed with facts, colourful photographs and fascinating snippets of information, this is a great way to raise interest in, and awareness of The Paralympics. It's a great book to dip into - find out about the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and the modern Olympics.

Packed with snippets of information - perfect for keeping friends and family informed and plenty to talk about during the games. Lots of lesser-known facts, all amusingly presented and enhenced by the comical illustrations. The champions, the scandals, the records - they're all here. Great fun! Packed with fascinating details, each aspect of athletics is covered, mainly on two page spreads wach of which has photos of the event, a description and fact boxes. There is a useful glossary and an extensive list of websites for further research.

We all hope that the Olympic Games will generate an upsurge of interest in all sports and this series is a good way to introduce children to the featured sports. I think everyone will learn things they didn't know from this book! The layout as with all Raintree Publishing books is clear and well laid out, with coloured backgrounds, plenty of illustrations and interesting fact boxes.

A contents page, index and glossary are included as in all Raintree non fiction books. These help children learn to find their way around books.

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This title in the series 'The Olympics' from Raintree focuses exclusively on London, giving an excellent overview of the topic. Find out about the bid, the venues, the athletes, the Paralympics and what will be the after-effects of the Games on the city of London.

The Olympic Games

There is also a useful list of the other venues. Two skills - a talented rugby player and a skiller performer on the parallel bars, Sam has to make a decision in the run up to the Games. But not everyone agrees with his choice and the threats start. Can he go against his peers and follow his dream? Realistic and gripping, this is a great way to get into the mood for the Games. All the books in this series are a great way to inspire young people - the stories are about determined young people who will let nothing stand in the way of their sporting aspirations.

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Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We are bound to see them overe and over again so let's get to know them.

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On his last day at work, George, who has just completed a girder that will be part of the London Stadium, takes home two fragments of metal and creates figures for his grandchildren. Miraculously, they come to life and learn from the children, who are saddened when they depart. An enchanting story and a fitting tribute to the magic of the Games. This is a book in the Espresso series from Franklin Watts and is ideal for use in schools to generate interest and build up excitement in the lead-in to the Games. Find out how the Olympics started, and learn about the Winter and Paralympic Games. Lots of activities to really get children involved - design an Olympic kit and make an Olympics board game.

There are lots more ideas at www. Brightly coloured, with lots of information boxes, cartoons and photographs, plus quizzes to enjoy, this is an excellent introduction which covers all the key areas. The layout of this series is appealing, with its magazine-like format. Each two-page spread covers a different topic and this volume includes sections on all the major events - track, field, aquatic, equestrian, cycling and all the rest.

There is a useful glossary and a list of events and useful websites. Fully illustrated with top quality photos and including an Amazing Olympics fact on every double page as well as Facts and Stats, there is plenty of information here. The books in the series would be an excellent addition to any school library to provide a whole school resource for supporting learning about the Olympics.

That's an eye-catching title and the Olympic Games have certainly had their share of scandals, going right back to the Games in Ancient Greece, which attracted their share of cheats and arguments. Bribing, doping, terrorism - all these have played their part in the history of the Games and they are described here in factual and non-controversial detail. Archive material and modern photos enliven the book, which is clearly laid out and an enjoyable read.

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The books in this series from Franklin Watts have something to interest all age groups. They were very different! In , London had just two years to prepare - and a tiny budget; in , the city was still recovering from the devastating effects of World War II. This is an interesting social history, as we learn much about how society has changed through the way sport has developed. Lavishly illustrated throughout, with contemporary illustrations and photographs, this is a really readable account and I found it gave plenty of food for thought compared with today's Olympics. There's just the right amount of detail about each discipline to help you watch from an informed viewpoint. Hopefull too, the information will encourage young people to try the sports for themselves, as there are plenty of diagrams demonstrating how to do things. It is packed with illustrations and fascinating and often little-known sporting facts great for trivia quizzes and dinner party conversations!

Perfect to enhance a classroom display on the Olympics - or just read it like a book. There is plenty here for all ages and it's an amazing achievement to feature such a detailed history of sport in one 'book'. Karate Combat Sports by Clive Gifford Karate is one title in a series of aspirational books for reluctant readers focusing on some of the most popular contact sports of today. One of the best ways to get reluctant readers interested in reading is through books that focus on a topic which interests them, and this is certainly a subject to appeal to many.

Find out how karate originated and spread; the moves and the experts, all illustrated with a generous number of photographs.