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You are currently viewing in transcription mode Cite this page Cite the edition. The General Prologue 2. The Knight's Tale 3. The Miller's Prologue 4. The Miller's Tale 5. The Reeve's Prologue 6. The Reeve's Tale 7. The Cook's Prologue 8.

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The Cook's Tale 9. Introduction to the Man of Law's Tale The Man of Law's Tale The Wife of Bath's Prologue The Wife of Bath's Tale The Friar's Prologue The Friar's Tale The Summoner's Prologue The Summoner's Tale The reek of fish was nearly enough to knock him out. He hated it even worse when he and his fellow Nobles got drafted into doing boat maintenance. Master Occum nodded, and the Duke led them out to the street, and away. Without numbers on their side, nobody noticed Chimeras unless the Chimeras wanted notice. Blocks with sharp corners and odd angles, all stacked and melded and painfully overlapping.

A harsh foreign intrusion into her well maintained domain. The unknown hiding within the hostile fortress was indeed a Crow. The Madonna had never experienced anything like this in the Dreaming — she had encountered fortresses before, but those prior fortresses had adapted themselves to her reality.

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This cubist oddity looked like something from another universe. She swirled reality around her Dream-self and attempted to fly over the fortress wall. The wall climbed as fast as she did. He rode a horse, and his horse walked on air , giants above the cubist fortress. He was as Picasso-like as his fortress and his horse was worse, little more than two dozen cubes stuck together in a vaguely horse shape.

She had dreamt of him before, and recently, but he had appeared as a stereotypical ghostly lawman, easily daunted in the Dreaming, and only a signer. He rode his horse closer, to stop about thirty feet from where she floated, even with the top of the ever-growing fortress walls. They shrank as they came close, and were only slightly larger than life sized by the time they ceased their approach. Even enslaved, you would disgust me. Insolen t sneers dripped from his words. A few trees. A wild rose bush.

Made the place seem more like her Dreaming, not an echo of a foreign intrusion. A prediction. He was getting to her, and she attempted to stop his influence. Oh, wait. She recognized a confinement trick, and shrugged out the simple counter to it. Was he this much of a fool to think such a simple trick would work against her? If he had any long-term strategies, he kept them well hidden from her tricks.

Unless you decide to break your word and run. Uneasy, Annie sank her dreaming form back to the ground , near the comfort of a willow draped over her stream. Her willow and stream now stood a hundred yards away. She had plans afoot to help the other Focuses and their households, but Adkins was on her own. Where his dream horse touched the dream-ground, the ground lost its texture and became cubist unreality, sand grains the size of fists.

If they only knew what you can do, and what you have mastered, they would turn on you in an instant. He and his horse continued their circle around her.

No, this Crow did not understand. Back when she had been a new Focus, back when nobody knew what was going on, the French authorities had given her a Psycho to tag, while she was half-asleep and half-dead from low juice. Sweet Embrace. Betty Mills-January. Discipline - The Secret Sauce of Adulting. Jaime Buckley. The Missing Cuckoo Clock.

Der-shing Helmer. Sean Ramey. Smoking Gun Harlem's Deck 6. Paul Smith. Standing On Your Own Feet. A Gentleman Raises His Glass.

John Bridges. The Heaven Gate. Jon M. Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams. Bruce D. Lessons From a Free Spirit. Alastor Velazquez. Beyond Beautiful: A Novelette. Robert Goluba. Soul Secrets.

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Sandra D. For Love of the Light- A vampire across the hall story. Leann Richards.

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